Photo time!

You can find the photos from my recent trip to Lisbon with Sibylle in my travel log. I definitely can recommend visiting this charming city!

Also, Sibylle and I gave Taptim tickets for Swiss band Plüsch for her birthday. The concert was lots of fun, as they sure know how to rock a crowd, a bit surprisingly so for a somewhat cutesy dialect pop band… Surf the photos (mostly various combinations of the three of us) using the ‘<-more' link on the right. I filmed a 30 seconds clip of one of my favorite songs, 'Heimweh', which will forever be linked in my mind with being stranded in a tiny train station in Japan... Rightclicksave, please (7mb, avi)!

However, I wish I had filmed the leadsinger’s lewd and hilarious impression of Shaggy in a reggae interlude during a love song… I’ll never be able to look at a teddybear (the name of the song) the same again! *g*