Happy New Year!

Another year, another mix… just to prove that I’m not dead. 🙂

2017 cover - a mix for fun and feels
Listen: Download .zip (184mb, mp3 + cover art) or Spotify playlist

01. Celia Pavey – Feel Good Inc.
02. The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build a Home
03. Big Rude Jake – Queer for Cat
04. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You
05. Milky Chance – Peripeteia
06. Phildel – Storm Song
07. Tamer – Beautiful Crime
08. Regina Spektor – Small Bill$
09. Just A Band – Huff + Puff
10. Imagine Dragons – Believer
11. Kongos – Come With Me Now
12. Major Lazer & DJ Snake – Lean On (feat. MØ)
13. Max Raabe & Palast Orchester – We Will Rock You
14. Rag’n’Bone Man – Human
15. Pieces of Juno – Siver & Gold
16. Jordan Fisher – You’re Welcome (feat. Lin-Manuel Miranda)
17. Milck – Devil Devil
18. Rousseau – Sugar Plum
19. Rundfunk-Tanzorchester Ehrenfeld – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
20. Ruelle – The Other Side
21. Vance Joy – Like Gold
22. Shannon Saunders – Atlas
23. Woodkid – Run Boy Run
24. Sufjan Stevens – Visions of Gideon
25. Fall Out Boy – Hold Me Tight Or Don’t

It’s time for music!

Wow, another year past… and it was a pretty good one (on a personal, definitely not a political level – and I’m still so sad about Carrie Fisher and the other great people we lost this year), ending with the absolute highlight of 4 weeks in New Zealand. So here’s my annual mix, following the same rules as always:

1. Only songs I added to iTunes in 2016 (i.e. new to me, not new per se)
2. Only 1 song per artist
3. Not more than 25 songs

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Happy 2015!

I passed into the new year on the train back home after a great evening with friends Milo & Mindy and their lovely family. I’m feeling rather optimistic about 2015 – even not taking into account the truly low lows I had in 2014, I’m in better shape mentally than I’ve been in forever…

Here’s hoping all of YOU will have an amazing year ahead, filled with joy and friends and geeky goodness! *massive cuddles*

And here’s an annual tradition: Music for you – my 2014 mix, consisting of 25 songs I acquired over the course of the year.

Welcome Home - a 2014 mix . Tracklist
Click for bigger images.

Welcome Home – a 2014 mix

All files hosted on my personal webspace – please right-click-save!
.m3u playlist | .zip file, 121mb (25 mp3, .m3u, cover & tracklist)

1. Harry James feat. Kitty Kallen – It’s Been a Long, Long Time
2. Radical Face – Welcome Home
3. It’s Cliché – California Calling
4. Santigold – Disparate Youth
5. Tori Amos – Oysters
6. Cro – Traum
7. Ed Sheeran – I’m a Mess
8. Florence & the Machine – Hardest of Hearts
9. Mat Kearney – Breathe In Breathe Out
10. The Dø – Slippery Slope
11. Bastian Baker – Follow the Wind
12. Vienna Teng – Stray Italian Greyhound
13. Estelle feat. Janelle Monáe – Do My Thing
14. VV Brown – Samson
15. The Hundreds – Song for a Sailor
16. Regina Spektor – Après Moi
17. Fall Out Boy – Immortals
18. John Spillane – There Was a Man
19. Natalia Kills – Problem
20. Bastille – Pompeii
21. Peter Fox – Haus am See
22. Matt Nathanson – Faster
23. Daniel Gannaway – Achilles
24. Club de Belugas feat. Fred Astaire – Puttin’ On the Ritz
25. Billy Boyd – The Last Goodbye

Annual tradition

With the year ending, it’s time for my mix CD. Same rules as every year: no more than 25 songs, all of which I only added to my iTunes library this year. It’s definitely more cheerful than last year’s – although this year hasn’t been exactly easy, I hope I’m getting there, a little bit every day. New Zealand helped, of course. 🙂

2013 mix - cover . 2013 mix - tracklist

Download: single files (on MF) OR .zip file (129mb, hosted)

Merry Christmas, y’all!

Those of you that celebrate, of course. To the others a lovely day spent in whatever way you want to…

Me, I’ll be heading over to M&F’s with my mom for brunch and then a nice day spent together. Making some new traditions this year – it’d have been weird to try and cling to our old family ways. But I’m sure Papi will be there in spirit!

Anyways, I have a little something for all of you: my annual mix!

Cover image and playlist
Click for full-size. The cover is a photo I took in the Hard forest in autumn, overlaid with a Rilke quote (see below).

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Goodbye, 2011; hello, 2012!

It’s been an interesting year, and I’m looking forward to the next one – the first one where I consider myself “settled”, in a job, a flat, with no massive change looming in my immediate future. On one hand this is a bit dull not to have big plans, but on the other one it’s just really nice to be able to relax and just live.

Like every year I’ve put together a mix of music I’ve been listening to this year – 25 songs I added to my iTunes Library in the past 12 months and that stand out to me, not more than one song per artist.

I actually listened to much less music this year, because my love for audiobooks took off massively, but I did go to several great concerts and saw, among others, My Chemical Romance (twice), CAKE, Panic! at the Disco (3 times!), The Cat Empire, and two days at Leeds Festival. Also, I listened to a lot of covers, even liked some of them, and a few long-time favorites released new stuff – most notably of course one of my favorite guys ever, the talented Patrick Stump! In any case, I hope you enjoy… 🙂

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Music: 2010 mix

Evamaria's 2010 playlist After snoozing last year and not doing one, here’s my semi-traditional year-end mix, as always done by scanning all songs added to iTunes during the year and picking the ones that stood out. Either because I like them especially or because of their association.

All files are either mp3 or m4a, hosted on Sendspace and redirected via anonym.to.

sweet independence (Evamaria’s 2010 playlist)
1. Stornoway – Zorbing
Breezy British summer pop. Reminds me of my wonderful week in London.
2. Black Cards (feat. Chiddy Bang) – Club Called Heaven
The end of Fall Out Boy makes me sadface. But I do like Pete’s new project. Especially this song, which reminds me of the blast I had doing burlesque.
3. Murray Gold – Every Star, Every Planet
This was the year I fell back in love with Doctor Who. Yay for Eleven! 🙂
4. Scissor Sisters – Whole New Way
5. Beecake – Lost Direction
6. Belle & Sebastian – Write About Love
Been listening to them for years, finally saw them live at Zurich OpenAir.
7. Ben L’Oncle Soul – Seven Nations Army
8. The Dandy Warhols – All the Money or the Simple Things Honey
One of my favorite songs on my running playlist.
9. Eels – Spectacular Girl
10. Gossip – Men In Love
My favorite kind of sparkly pop.
11. José Gonzalez – Heartbeats
12. My Chemical Romance – Na Na Na
I only got the whole album on my return from Haiti, but I do like the Fabulous Killjoys.
13. of Montreal – Coquet Coquette
14. Spoon – Written in Reverse
15. David Garrett – Smooth Criminal
Instrumental MJ – how can I resist?
16. David Nevue – Sweet Dreams & Starlight
17. Gold Motel – Don’t Send the Searchlights
Greta Morgan’s new band sounds almost as nice as Hush Sound… *g*
18. Jamie Cullum – Move On Song
19. Janelle Monae (feat. Big Boi) – Tightrope
Janelle rocks so hard, I was so thrilled she released a full-length album.
20. 30 Seconds to Mars – Bad Romance (Lady Gaga cover)
Can’t not have Lady Gaga – or at least a cover. *g*
21. Dispatch – The General
David taught us this song during the hurricane in Haiti. I’ll never forget how it sounds with just a guitar and a bunch of volunteers singing in the dark…
22. Rufus Wainwright – The Dream
23. Tim Minchin – Inflatable You
Some comedy to cheer things up. 🙂
24. Andi Weiss – Gut Gehn
Christian German singer-songwriter. Fitting considering I got baptised this summer.
25. Old Crow Medicine Show – Wagon Wheel
Another song we sang in Haiti.
Download all: .zip file (137mb)

Summer music

Got this via Fingertips, so it’s all legal and stuff, but I’d have shared it anyway, because it makes me happy, in a summer-shanty kind of way… It’s also very British (the band’s from Oxford), so it fit last week’s trip perfectly.

Stornoway – Zorbing (Sendspace, 8.1mb, mp3)

Actually, listening to the label’s (4AD Records, also home of Camera Obscura, apparently) Stornoway playlist I’m beginning to think I’ll have to buy that album, if iTunes Switzerland will let me…