It’s time for music!

Wow, another year past… and it was a pretty good one (on a personal, definitely not a political level – and I’m still so sad about Carrie Fisher and the other great people we lost this year), ending with the absolute highlight of 4 weeks in New Zealand. So here’s my annual mix, following the same rules as always:

1. Only songs I added to iTunes in 2016 (i.e. new to me, not new per se)
2. Only 1 song per artist
3. Not more than 25 songs

Never Danced Like This Before
cover . back cover

Download the whole thing (25 mp3, .m3u playlist + cover graphics) as .zip (176mb) or, alternatively you can listen to all but one song via this Youtube playlist.

It’s an eclectic, mostly joyful mix, with songs I found via tv shows (Lucifer, Shadowhunters, Eyewitness) or by simply falling down a Youtube rabbit hole (that’s how I found Sleeping At Last, for example). There’s a couple of German/Swiss-German songs, a bit of electroswing (because I’m still lindy hopping *g*), Travis + Great Danes (who I both saw in concert last summer), and of course Hamilton. đŸ™‚ The last song is one I heard covered at Christmas at the Bowl in New Plymouth, NZ, a couple of weeks ago.