I’ve been kind of wanting to do something, anything with this blog for a while now, and in the past couple of days I’ve been considering writing more review-type posts, like the one about Pacific Rim or what I occasionally post on BookLikes/GoodReads.

I have opinions, why not share them? 🙂 After all, I’ve been rating (almost) every movie I’ve watched for over a decade on imdb. As for books, I only recently migrated all my reading lists – which I’ve been keeping since 2004 – to BL because of my dissatisfaction with GR policies. (They allow automatic crossposting, so I’m not losing my GR connection. Reminds me a bit of the Livejournal/Dreamwidth situation.) Only today they launched Blogger crossposting, so I’m hopeful WordPress isn’t far behind.

So I installed a couple of useful-looking plugins and tweaked some minor things in the sidebar – now I guess only time will tell if I’ll actually stick to it. I was thinking of doing about 1-2 posts per week, that seems doable. If you want me to ramble about a specific book/movie/tv show, just give me a shout. 😉