Losing focus

Or rather, shifting it, away from this blog. It’s my last month at work, my last month in my flat, and only a bit more than a month left until I leave for Haiti. I’m also spending more time with my family because it will be hard to be away while my dad is still sick. I’m trying not to get too nervous about the big empty space that is my future after Haiti – what’s the use of worrying after all, when there’s nothing I can really do about the fact that I’ll turn 30 while being (almost) broke, unemployed and living at my parents? (This has become a bit of a catch phrase for me, I like to make people smile with me instead of pity me.) 🙂

It’s a valuable time for me, this month gearing up to what will probably be one of the toughest but hopefully also most rewarding challenges in my life. Also (slight non-sequitur), yesterday I got see my dad’s face naked for the first time ever! *g*

He’s had a beard since I was two or so, so I’ve only seen photos of him without one. I must say, I like it:
My dad with no beard
*squishes her Papi*