Familiar faces

The new season of TV shows is gathering speed, and I’m enjoying the return of some long-standing favorites (like ‘Bones’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ and ‘Criminal Minds’) as well as a couple of new ones (most notably ‘Glee’). Work is a bit chaotic still, but I’m looking forward to spending the weekend at my grandmother’s lake house with my family.

Observation of the Day
One of the things I like about walking to work through my neighbourhood is that I pass by the same people pretty much every day. Because this is a city, we don’t nod or even really look at each other, but I like seeing them, noticing absent-mindedly if they’re late or early, what they’re wearing, if they’re alone or with someone. For example there’s a very stunning girl I usually cross when I’m almost at work, model-slim with long red hair, who’s always dressed to the nines – fashionable yet simple, usually in heels. There’s a tiny Thai woman, in casual but elegant clothes, and who’s always smiling. Or a business guy, usually listening to music on his phone, slightly bopping his head.

I don’t know, but I like seeing them, imagining that maybe their life is just like mine or possibly wildly different, all of us on our way to work every morning at roughly the same time in the same area.