The long weekend’s almost over

I’ve been resting all day (it’s a public holiday here in Switzerland), something I seriously needed, but I’m still not very keen on going back to work tomorrow. Ah well, I’ll survive – and on Wednesday I have the Rejects show to look forward to, so that’s awesome!

Anyways, I finally uploaded last week’s photos. After a horriblehorriblenogood day on Wednesday (including severe anxiety and crying in the bathroom at work), on Thursday my American friend Milo and I went to see Snow Patrol in Winterthur. I’ve been wanting to see them for years – I love their music so much, although in a completely non-fangirlish fashion. In any case, the show was AMAZING – the ice stadium it was in was half-empty until the second opener, so we were in second row, next to a couple of nice girls that we got chatting to. I might go see Jamie Cullum with one of them in July, although his show is seriously expensive.

So here are the pics I took on Flickr. Gary Lightbody makes a great frontman, seriously, and I got a bit of a thrill when he told us that Richard Colburn of Belle & Sebastian was on percussion… šŸ™‚

Snow Patrol @ Eishalle Winterthur . Snow Patrol @ Eishalle Winterthur . Snow Patrol @ Eishalle Winterthur

And then, after the only week in May that I worked 5 days and a second acupuncture session (which again instantly made me feel better, but the holistic doctor also told me that I had acidosis, i.e. the pH factor of my blood is too low and my red blood cells stick together) Milo and I took a daytrip to Lugano in the beautiful Italian-speaking southern part of Switzerland. I’d only changed trains there a couple of times, but the town was just as pretty as I’d expected, with a distinct Italian feel despite the chilly wind, including yummy food and gelati. My photos of that day start here.

Lugano . Daytrip to Lugano . Daytrip to Lugano

Last but not least I spent yesterday afternoon catching up with my parents. They’d been in Hamburg for a conference and to meet some old friends (we lived in the area from when I was 1 1/2 until I was 7, and my dad went to seminary there), so that was good. Also, everything around their house out in the country is in full bloom now – it’s been lovely seeing it change with the seasons ever since I came back to Switzerland. So because I’d taken my camera to show them the pictures from Lugano I managed a few rather pretty shots, starting here.

Summer flowers . Summer flowers . Summer flowers